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Automate blinds with Sonoff Dual

Part two: Sonoff Configuration

Last edited: 28/01/2019

The Sonoff is an electrical device that uses high voltage. If you are unsure of the operation and connection of the Sonoff, ask an expert electrician for help. I take no responsibility for the installation of electrical materials and for the suggestions provided on this page.


By default the two Sonoff Dual outputs can be activated simultaneously. This behavior can damage the motor. Therefore it is necessary to activate the interlock on the two outputs so that only one is active at a given instant.
The Sonoff Dual does not have a hardware iterlock. However the Tasmota firmware adds the possibility to activate a software interlock.
To activate it just go to the Sonoff Dual web page and write this command at the end of the ip address:


For example if the IP address of Sonoff is, the full url will look like this:

WARNING: Starting from Tasmota version the SetOption14 command is deprecated. In this case use the Interlock command:

For more information on the available commands, visit the official page.

After typing the command, just press Enter. Then go back to the main Sonoff web page and check that the two outputs do not activate simultaneously.